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The Confidence Experts as Motivational Speakers

As motivational speakers, personal development speakers and business speakers our confidence talks and keynotes are challenging, fun, thought provoking and, at times, humorous and we give a lot of content to our audiences. Inspiring, Educational and Transformational – our talks will have your audience opening their hearts and minds to their own power and potential and, in even a small amount of time, they will be digging deep to uncover what is blocking them from attaining their business and personal goals and dreams. Oh yes and expect to hear lots of laughter too as we open them up to the humour behind people’s thoughts and actions.

We are available to speak together or individually and we both have significant experience as motivational speakers and trainers to large audiences throughout the UK.

Examples of our keynotes are shown below. All keynotes can be tailored to relate to a personal, business or career focussed audience:

Our Keynotes

Making confident
life changes

How often do we stay in the same place, stick with the same job or stay in the same relationships and yet often wonder “there must be something else”! How often do we make a decision to create changes and yet quickly turn back when it gets too hot, too cold or too choppy?

What would it be like to have real clarity on what you want for the rest of your life (or at least the next phase) and have the courage to make those changes whether big or small? …

This talk looks at whether the things that hold you back are real or illusion realty you’ve imprisoned yourself within.

Whether they are reasons or excuses. Whether they are obstacles to climb, jump or simply step over. Your audience will be invited to dig deep with honesty and look at what they want their legacy to be, who they are, who they want to be and how to make changes in their life with confidence.

Solving the mysteries of confident conversations

How many times do we avoid difficult conversations in our personal and business lives because something is stopping us? Is it fear? Is it the unwillingness to rock the boat? Or perhaps it is easier just to simply not go there?

This talk looks at how avoiding such conversations affects your personal happiness as well as your career or business growth. It examines the dangers of misinterpretation/ambiguity if you do not have the clarity …

and passion behind your message plus some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to put their point across.

Journeying through the secrets of confident conversations your audience will uncover the keys to verbalising their wants, needs and vision with confidence and clarity whilst mastering the art of self-expression.

The secrets of confident relationships

This talk looks at the top mistakes people make when considering or entering a new relationship and how to avoid them. We travel through the paths a long term relationship can follow if either party lacks confidence in themselves or the relationship itself and how having confidence in your own identity and what you want from the relationship is the first step towards success. We look at how to identify whether a relationship is toxic and we unveil the key questions to ask yourself if you feel a relationship is floundering .…

or you feel unfulfilled and how to have clarity on what you really want and need

We examine the principles behind having the courage to step away from a non fulfiling relationship and those in a positive relationship will also get invaluable information that will help their future communication and confidence blossom too.

Confident parenting

Bored of ‘Ultimatenanny’ lectures on what you should do with your children or a list of parental do’s and don’ts? What if instead you had a vibrant and fun study of the pressures society puts on children and parents and how we can make the decision to step away from these pressures and make the choices that feel right for our own families. Your audience will be encouraged to understand their own parenting values and look at the dangers when values clash within the parental unit. …

We will also uncover the secrets to communicating with your child and enabling them to communicate with you.

Coming across confidently and authentically

This inspiring and transformational talk will unearth the keys to feeling and projecting inner confidence that is authentic to you. It is not about being someone you are not, it is about respecting and nurturing yourself and the message that you stand for. We look at how the opinion of others holds us back and what we can do to change that going forward. Your audience will be called upon to consider…

who they are and how they want to be seen and how to build an aura of deep inner confidence without ego or arrogance.

Pro Bono

Because we are so passionate about empowering people to let go of their confidence issues and embrace courage we speak as motivational speakers, personal development speakers and business speakers at six events a year for free.

However if you do want us to speak pro-bono then your event must fulfil the following criteria:

  • not charge a fee for people to attend
  • must be addressing a challenging subject where our input will add real value
  • must be for the greater good and have policies in place to protect the attendees from hard and unethical sales tactics

If you have a need for a motivational speaker, business speaker or personal development speaker at your event and you see the need in your audience for confidence in the above areas please complete the contact form below and let’s take it from there!


If you have a need for a motivational speaker, business speaker or personal development speaker at your event or in the areas above please complete the contact form below and let’s take it from there!