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Self-confidence tips and expert advice from Andy & Jo and a selection of candid interviews with professional speakers, motivational leaders and those who have reshaped their lives through increasing their confidence

Life can be enriched by constantly learning and enjoying the learning journey. We find that the wonderful people who join us on our courses realise how important this is as they start to learn more about themselves, their behaviours and how they can change the old patterns that previously held them back.

Our free confidence resources are an opportunity for you to learn and gain insight from us plus you have the chance to watch some of the confidence couch interviews we’ve recorded with a number of inspirational speakers and motivational leaders.

We know you’ll enjoy finding out more about how to increase and improve your confidence.

Andy & Jo

Our tips, advice and stories means that you will have simple and practical ways to increase and improve your own confidence.

Our online learning platform delivers these tips in bite-sized chunks enabling you to have the time to expand your thinking and practice what you’ve learnt.

Receive interviews, tips, eBook and resources including:

Top Confidence Tips
Top Confidence Tips

Our top tips & vlogs are all about how to increase your confidence and self-esteem quickly and easily

Confidence Couch Chats
The Confidence Couch

Inspirational interviews with international speakers, entrepreneurs and friends on what confidence means to them

Fear Free Presenting
Fear Free Presenting

Download and keep our eBook all about having the confidence to present without fear, no matter what size the audience.

Find out all about us
Find out all about us

Andy & Jo share their own stories and experiences on becoming more confident and what they've learnt along the way.

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